When we think about the term ‘Marketing’ the first thought comes into our mind is something to do with clever strategies or planning. Marketing is a vast field and sometimes we are lost into its deepness. Many marketeers work on different parameters and try to position its brand/product strongly in the their market to achieve success in their ‘market share pie’. Some concentrate in research, others in branding & promotions, some of them are into planning and some in core strategies. It is not a layman job to create strategies and hence companies look for core ‘strategy people’ to device the best possible strategy for their product or service.

Hence we bring you a ‘core strategy’ opening for a reputed and well-known smart phone brand which is currently growing at a fast pace in the Indian Smartphone Industry.

The Organization

The company is a leading global smartphone brand focusing on introducing products with professional-grade audio, extraordinary appearance, and fast and smooth user experience. It was founded in 2009 as a sub-brand of a major Electronics brand in China. The brand entered the telecommunication and consumer electronics industry with landline phones and wireless phones. In 2011, it started manufacturing and marketing its own range of smartphones. The company entered the Indian market in 2014.

Currently 20,000 operators work in the organization, and 3,000 engineers are in 4 R&D centers in China.

They later entered India in Dec., 2014 and in a short time span, They have established itself as a Hi-fi & Smart brand. Currently the company is serving Indian customers with 8,000 employees and 10,000 retailers, in over 300 cities in 22 states, with a strong focus on Hi-Fi Music. By the end of 2016, it will also have established more than 200 exclusive after-sales service stations.

This position is with their Gurgaon corporate office located in a hub of technology companies.

The Position

Strategy Marketing Planner (AGM/GM/Head/Director)

This is a crucial position where the person will work in devising the core strategies for the product line the company offers. This person will be directly responsible for the flagship positioning in the market. The designation varies as it depends upon the person’s current experience,skills and scope of work. As mentioned above he/she can be given as an AGM/GM/Head/Director position.

They also do not have a budget constraint and are open to discuss the remuneration. All they want is a person having a strong experience of at least 7-10 years in making strategies. This is the typical Job description which they shared with us –




Do not worry about the screen shots above we will send you the Job description once you will contact us.

This is a great opportunity as the company is focused on its branding currently and, investing a lot on the product R&D. The brand is scoring good and growing at a fast pace not only in Indian market but in the Global smartphone scene as well. Working with Indo-China management is once in a lifetime experience 🙂

That is all for now friends and if you come across anyone matching to the above profile you are most welcomed to contact us or forward his/her CV at jobs@hsigroup.org. Moreover you may chat live with us on www.hsigroup.org

Have a Great Time Ahead

Happy Job Hunting!


Team HSI




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