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As we are going through a busy week we are trying to take out time to share important stuff here and when we say ‘important stuff’ we really have concerns for people like you who are keenly looking for a change. We were really thinking hard before about what can be the best way to share important stuff with ‘thoughts’ and then we decide to write blogs. Blogs gives us freedom to ‘express’ our ‘thoughts’ so here we would like to share one important job opening with you all which is urgent as well as very important.

The Client

Before we share the details about the job first we would like to share the details about the organization where this vacancy is. This company is a new client of ours and its been just two weeks that we had our meeting with them. Its a big Chinese  company back in China which according to their HR (Human Resource) person is quite a medium-large company and they manufactures products like IT stationery products, office stationery products, corporate gift items and some accessories related to home and office. That’s the reason we have mentioned ‘supplies’ in our subject as they have a range of products which are meant for home and office both.

Now they have operations in Middle East & Africa and they have recently opened an office in New Delhi as they see Indian market as a  ‘huge potential’ market for their kind of products. What they have planned is to open a corporate office (which they have already)  and create a ‘sales channel’ by appointing distributors/dealers in Delhi & NCR. They will import all the products from their parent company in China and they will market these products here in India starting from Delhi. Later they intend to open offices in Russia,Belgium and other countries as well.

Currently they have a limited staff (as they have just started their operations) and they intend to hire 100-200 people in coming months which solely depends upon the response they will get here in our Indian market therefore it all depends upon all you ‘sales’ guys. We met their HR person and later met their Director of Operations and Director of Sales & Marketing (Both were young Chinese people) who were really polite and soft speaking people.

The Job Opening

Basically they are looking for some smart and experienced sales people who have interest and some basic experience of doing ‘market research’ as well. Primarily the job would be first understanding and doing a research about the current market and later creating awareness about the brand and the products in the said market. It will involve lot of meetings with channel partners (dealers,distributors,retailers). First you will have to  identify the channel and then create a channel for your products. Basically in the Job description this is what they have mentioned-

Job description:
Developing the franchise’s market segment
Maintaining and analyzing sales reports
Cooperating with other departments
Leading the local sales team
Sales plan & market research
Proficiency in MS office, (specially Excel and ppt) and English is a must.
 Key Skills: Have good connection with distributors of computer, communication, consumer electronics products, stationery, artworks, toys, gifts glassware, tableware, kitchenware and accessories.

So Friends if you think you are the person who have that strong sense of ‘marketing’ as well as ‘sales’ then you are the person they are looking for. What you all need is a minimum experience of 2-5 years in Sales & Marketing.

The Location

They have their office in a very nice and clean vicinity in a place called Surajmal Vihar in East Delhi. You must have heard of Cross River Mall which is just next by to this place. You can easily reach this place by Delhi Metro and as per Google Maps the nearest station which is just 1-3 km away from Surajmal Vihar is Karkarduma Metro Station.

The Salary/Compensation

As per our meeting with their HR and different heads since they are new and still have lot to explore they have not fixed any minimum or maximum budget. Now it depends totally upon the candidates and their current profile and salary. They are very much open for salary/compensation. Whatever is the current salary of the candidate and whatever is the expected salary things are ‘negotiable’ to the best interest of the candidate and the organization. Its a young organization (atleast in India) and they are young too therefore they understand the generation and their expectations.

How to Apply

Friends we are just a call away or you can just respond to this blog or you can just visit our website hsigroup.org and chat with us Or just email your CV at jobs@hermitagesai.com or team@hsigroup.org and we will connect with you in seconds.


So here it is folks for now we would like to say Good-Bye till we come again with some openings like these or just the usual informative stuff here, we will keep on posting the regular things. Just be in touch and keep reading our blogs!



‘Team HSI’





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